Christ the Savior Orthodox Church
All Saints Orthodox Church Ministries
A Dearborn/Downriver Orthodox Parish for Everyone
Upcoming Schedule -
      Watch here or call (734/934-6337) for scheduled times and places

Service Schedule

As established at our last Mission Core Group Meeting, we are now scheduling Services every Sunday and Holy Day in our new building in River Rouge, Michigan. 

Sundays and Holy Days (when Clergy available) - Divine Liturgy (1030am).
Sundays and Holy Days (when no Clergy available) - Reader's Service (11am).


Mission Core Group Meetings

We make plans to have regular Mission Core Group Meetings (to continue discussing our future) combined with a special plan to make a nice Sunday afternoon activity for the whole family.  If you are interested in becoming a grassroots partner in our community, we would love to talk to you.  This is an exciting opportunity for all of us. 


Scheduled Field Trips 

Watch here for Our Annual Field Trip to the
Holy Dormition Orthodox Monastery - Rives Junction

Clear your calendar for just a few hours.  It is totally worth the trip!
(scheduling mid-September)



Scheduled Social Events



Scheduled New Classes

With the start of our new school year and all of the signs of Summer going away, we are getting excited as we prepare to offer many spiritual, Orthodox educational, and community enhancement classes in our River Rouge facility.  Please watch as we begin our programs, which will be designed for everyone, regardless as to where they live, what they do, or how they grow.

This is a really great way to learn our Faith and to make a difference. Exciting times!


What to do next?

Watch and find your best opportunities.
f you need a ride, please call to set it up.
Be ready and Let's get it done together!






Mission Core Group - Mission Statement

We consider ourselves a Mission Group of dedicated and energetic Orthodox Christians who feel that there is an excellent opportunity for growth in the teachings of Our Faith, and want to spread the love and compassion of God’s Will through prayer and celebration.